Blue 360 Media Criminal Justice Scholarship


Thank you to our long time supporter Looseleaf Law Publishing now Blue 360 Media

To apply for this scholarship CLICK HERE

Deadline For Submitting is August 15th

  1. Only students registered in CJEANYS member colleges are eligible. We will provide a link on our page with member schools eligible. Member schools can supply link to interested students.
  2. Award ($150) is sent to recipient after October 1st . Student needs proof of registration for fall semester, no grade requirement. Student will receive award in October 2023 at Annual Conference
  3. Award is open to all levels, but may only be won once
  4. Award only given to CJ or CJ related majors (FS/CSI, Criminology…)
  5. Student applying must submit essay to CJEANYS prior to August 15th of the award year (via online repository), decision will be made by September 15th and awarded/announced at the annual meeting a. 500 to 1000 word essay on one of these topics: i. What is one major issue facing the criminal justice system today and a potential way to work on that issue? OR ii. Why are you enrolled in your field of study and why should you be awarded this scholarship?
  6. All applications and documents are available on our website All questions may be sent to Kathy Pierino, , Scholarship Chair

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