A Message From Our President


Cordial greetings and compliments to you all,

It is indeed my honor and privilege to become the President of the Criminal Justice Educators Association of New York State (CJEANYS). My immediate pleasure is that, in 2022, under the leadership and direction of Amy Lupiani, this organization has continued our mission of excellence in criminal justice education. The outstanding feature of this organization, over the past 50+ years, has been the enthusiasm and dedication of members throughout the state who have freely given the gift of their time and sweat equity to the aspirant law enforcement professionals we encounter in our classrooms each day.

As we emerge from our collective hibernation, the result of an unprecedented pandemic, my fervent hope is that we take this opportunity to reconnect with the criminal justice community in a meaningful way. Our past successful input into the planning and organizing of conferences and symposia have provided a state-wide roadmap for teaching amid an unseen enemy – COVID19. This year, we have painstakingly generated a shopping list of dynamic presentations which will hopefully serve the purpose of obtaining an interdisciplinary approach for our members, aimed at preparing the 21st- century law enforcement professional.

What a time to be a part of criminal justice education with some accelerating and unprecedented challenges. It is not easy to choose this as a career path amid some of the most tumultuous times in our history. Social media and bystander video has unearthed incidents of wanton violence throughout the country as members of law enforcement continue to respond to the most dire incidents known to humankind. Nevertheless, as progress goes on, I continue to believe that the values and tools of our scholarly community which include; reason, discourse, analysis, non-violence, belief in dignity, diversity, and understanding – all converge on a surefire way to justice.

Principles, values, and uncompromised commitment to criminal justice education are the threads that bind us across the six regions of our CJEANYS subculture. We share a common purpose and we share a common goal: to promote excellence in higher education. This is not a new goal. We are creating leaders to join the ranks of over 800,000 brave law enforcement officers in our great country. I’m sure you agree that the public is entitled to no less. Our job is not easy. However, regardless of the trials, tribulations, and oftentimes unwarranted criticism, I stand confident that we make a value-added contribution to society.

As did every president before me, I come to this office with goals and aspirations of my own, while simultaneously committing myself to the goals and objectives of CJEANYS. The Executive Board will continue to expand our membership and strive to ensure an ability to touch the lives of eager learners spanning the 62 counties of New York State.

This short list of priorities is certainly not exhaustive, but it does provide some sense of where we will be going as an association over the coming year. As criminal justice educators, we promote a positive attitude and exude the confidence that our students are respectable and dedicated scholars who, will soon answer the call to routinely rise to face danger, meet complex challenges, embrace crisis intervention techniques all to help those in need.

I am fortunate to serve with professionals who stand before a classroom of students dedicated to providing the framework for our profession to improve humankind. I am also thankful for the opportunity to serve as your president for the coming year and will always remain grateful for the support, trust, and confidence you have shown me.

Yours in Criminal Justice Education,

Kishon Hickman, EdD
President, CJEANYS


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